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2019- Challenges: Complete? and 2020 goals.

  1. Read 10 plays- 0

  2. Read 10 books-5

  3. Post 7 blogs per month- not really

  4. Write 3 scripts- Completed and more

  5. Make 5 short films- Helped creating one, i now own a camera that I can use.

  6. Get a job- Got Two in 2019

  7. See 5 Theatre pieces- Completed, lots more than that

  8. Make and keep a new hobby- I have explored a lot but not settled on one yet

  9. Exercise every week- Mostly completed until Christmas…

  10. Keep a Positive Outlook for the year- Difficult but I’m in a really good place right now so, here’s to 2020.

2020- Challenges:

  1. Read more plays, target: 5

  2. Start reading again. Read 10 books.

  3. Write 4 scripts

  4. Make 3 short films before I leave Uni.

  5. See 5 shows

  6. Get more experience in the acting world

  7. Find a hobby that keeps my interest

  8. Exercise at least once a week

  9. Post more blogs

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Love is being life lines for those we love. We can love one or many have our hearts. Love holds value in my heart and should be with everyone. Love can be in everything you do alone or not.


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