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2020- Challenges: Completed? and 2021 Goals

  1. Read more plays, target: 5 – 1

  2. Start reading again. Read 10 books. – 1

  3. Write 4 scripts- 1

  4. Make 3 short films before I leave Uni.- none…. Uni cut quite short

  5. See 5 shows- planned 3…. plus Edinburgh Festival, that didn’t happen

  6. Get more experience in the acting world- nope.

  7. Find a hobby that keeps my interest- YES! Embroidery

  8. Exercise at least once a week -YES SINCE MARCH

  9. Post more blogs- Not really

2021 Goals

  1. Read a few plays target 3

  2. Start reading again- Book club updates-

  3. Write more generally

  4. Keep embroidery going

  5. Keep exercising

  6. post a few more blogs including book reviews

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Love is being life lines for those we love. We can love one or many have our hearts. Love holds value in my heart and should be with everyone. Love can be in everything you do alone or not.


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