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Arrival Adventures

I arrived at my new accommodation on Sunday only after a few wrong turns and u-turns. It was later in the evening and it was nice and quiet with not many people around. My mother and i went to reception to pick up the key and we were escorted to my room. I saw my empty and clean room and It was so exiting to see a space you can make completely your own, a blank canvas.

I also got to see my roomies. Two Friends from college that I’ve known for years, but we were only three of five and there was and still are two people to arrive, we are still anxiously waiting to meet the others.

After saying hello my mum and I set off and moved the cars around to be closer to my flat but it was still a four point journey; car, door, flat door, room. Two of these needed my key meaning i was the only one who could basically move everything in.

When we had emptied my mums car we decided to get food and order in so we could unpack. (Which i am still doing, i have 5 boxes left). But the first thing i unpacked was the kitchen stuff, because ‘hello’ food the most important.

So Domino’s eaten at 8pm, it was time to say goodbye to my mum. I waved as she drove off, with mixed feeling, relief that i was final in my own space and sadness that my family were so far away.

And Boom i was on my own… still had my two friends which has been one of the best things about being here but fending for myself.

My flatmates and I spent just a couple of hours chatting and drinking tea then headed to bed as they hadn’t slept well on their first night and i was shattered. I went back to my room to a lovely made bed by my mum and unpacked my fan, shut my window for the bugs, had a shower and went to bed. Ready and awaiting my first week of more adventures.

P.s. If you want to chat about a post just leave a comment and I’ll answer as often as I can 🙂 Have an amazingly Awesome day!

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