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Chasing Light

Standing in the field feeling the crisp sharpened air hits my face. Blowing so hard my space is rocked. As I write the blades of light chase the sun. I feel as I should be jumping over the tides as it reaches and strikes my face I’m in blissful peace. Thoughts swimming, I sit watching the white beauty protect her children. I am careful to tiptoe past and sit on a bench further away. I watch one in the water prime and dressed in snow. The wind more aggressive as I sit and write my peaceful thoughts as they fly full force away from my mind with the wind. I sit observing the beautiful outline of civilisation. Watching dog walkers. The wind steals my breath and chills every cell. My arms becoming icy. Time to go as the dark clouds ascend on the sun and my peace. Rain is coming. I hope I get home first.

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