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Desira – D&D Character backstory

I was very loyal and devoted to my clan like I was brought up to be. Just before my 8th birthday, my whole family was slaughtered and the only reason I was spared is that I hated sleeping in my own room so I used to sneak into my brother’s room and sleep behind his bed. He told me to hide that night, so I slid under his bed and he never came back. AS there was no trace of who killed them, my clan turned on me, believing I had killed them all. My clan exiled me, I had to fend for myself from then on.

Years later after being alone for years, I was starting to starve on a winters night and I found a fox den, inside was one small dying baby fox. I couldn’t bring myself to kill it, so I took it with me and nursed it back to health as much as I could. when the day came it was strong enough I put him down and walked away, a few hours later when I was setting up camp, he came strolling back with a bird big enough to share and after that, I couldn’t get rid of him, so naturally I named him. Dax.

While hunting I was cut off by another Dragonborn, annoyed that I had lost a meal I confronted him and he apologised and shared with me. Dax loved him straight away but the other Dragonborn not so much. He called himself Balgor. Eventually, we just kept getting each other big enough meals to share, so we decided we were kinda heading the same direction, so we decided just to travel together.

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