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Getting back to it!

I love writing but sometimes life is busy! This past month has been just that, busy. I’ve had a practical acting exam, where I was assessed on directing a co-directed piece and acting in two others’ pieces.

Although it was great fun i have learned a lot in the process, one being be careful of who you work with. I have gained so many friends and great colleges through this experience of devising my own piece but i have also learned of people i can and will not choose to work with again.

On a happy note, my practical mark was brilliant and that was from hard work and encouragement from a great group of people, which i intend to work with and keep in touch with professionally. These people have gotten me through one of the most difficult few weeks, university wise, i have ever had. With 10,000 words to write in two weeks and now an extension on one of my essay i am in a good place and hope to write more and more creatively and not so much essay from apart from my last hand in.

Hope to get back into writing more and more often! Have a great day!

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