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New Shakes Year!

I am working with Will&Co on bring Shakespeare to Scotland's gardens and venues.

Apologies for the bad pun but I must tell you about my newest adventure.

Bard in the Yard - which I am the Scottish promoter for. This is my first paid professional (not with pals) theatre job outside of university and I must say to start with I was terrified. Still now, I feel an imposter is sitting explaining a job that someone could have done better.

But I love the team and we launch tomorrow morning with our website and we will be open for bookings! It will be time to gear up for (hopefully) a busy summer juggling bookings, actors and an amazing team behind me, with another job that will not be as fun but will be able to pay enough for the joy to stay in my theatre creating career.

Wish me luck and I wish everyone out there luck for finding a job that fills them with joy and pays the bills- or either whatever you can do in these time.

Stay safe and healthy

Erin x

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