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New Year, New resolutions

Every year beings the same for most, the quiet optimism of creating things that you’ve never done and wanting to do them in the next year. But most ideas are crushed by the beige life that gets in the way of these extremely exciting things we conjure during our drunk New Years eve/ day parties.

What I want to do this year will be different. I want to increase what I do. In the way of saying I write this blog but I want to increase my creative flow and will try post two days a week or try doing a certain number of posts per month. So I’m creating a goal I know is achievable and would have the same outcome of telling myself at New Year, to be more creative.

That is also a mistake that people make, they are too general. I have done this too often, I say I want to travel more or I want to keep in touch with more friends. But I never explain to myself, a goal within these or how I want to achieve these. If people made smaller and more resolutions they would have a way better year because they pick a few things they definitely don’t have to change their lives to achieve.

But I do know that the fun of new year is to have at least one crazy and life-changing resolution that many people keep hold on for hope throughout the year. But as long as it’s for hope and not dragging you down, then enjoy the hopeful year, no matter what it brings!

Happy New Year!

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