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Short Story: Supernatural Teen Crush

It’s hard to love a Winchester, Emma knew that, but her heart sank every time she read a story of multiple murders and an old painting burned. Ghost stories, and gaols it all meant the boys did their job and protected the humans from the supernatural again. Pain swept by after Dean left, her heart so heavy it made a brose in her chest. Days, weeks, mouths had pasted since his last visit saving her once again from a vengeful spirit. Her mind sank remembering his smile. They first met in high school Emma was visiting his school for cheerleading championships, which she hated but was too good to quit. She was the main act thrown as high as ever but the boy who throw her lost his footing as she was left to fall to the ground with no support until, Dean sitting in the front row caught her and spun her in a cheerleading fashion then place her safely on the ground, so she could finish. She would never forget that.
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