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Short story: The Lonely Geek

This is a short from a few years ago.

Love doesn’t exist. Now. In the 21st century, it doesn’t. There are more parents divorced than there are siblings in the world. It doesn’t show us how to be in love, us young people, the next generation don’t know what love is. Cheaters, flings, that is what, at the moment I think guys are. All they want is sex. No relationships just a girl with a perfect body and no emotional attachment. Perfect for a slam and dump. I know I’m cynical but when have I ever been taught right; all I feel when looking at my families partners is loneliness. I feel so pressured to look the same way that the other girls in school do, high skirts, high heels, and high horses. But that’s not me, I’m a tomboy who reads about murderers and kidnappings. I sit at my desk most nights playing video games. Watching crime programmes and commanding sims to do what I want to do in real life. Seeing sims fall in love within minutes of knowing each other makes me laugh and cry at the same time I wish it was so simple.

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