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When you’re an Addams

For the first time in my life I am, one in a musical and two in my first professional stage show. I am so excited. This experience has been amazing. I have loved every minute of it. It had a rocky start but i eventually loved being there every day.

So at the beginning the auditions started before our year had finished our practical exam, within that exam i had chosen to be part of a cabaret singing, ‘Class’ from Chicago. This was going to be the first time i have ever sung in front of a live audience and in true theatre fashion, the dress rehearsal went horribly, and I felt so embarrassed and just wanted to be cut. But I went on anyway and sang the best version of class i had ever sung and was so proud of myself. The best bit about it was many of my friends had never heard me sing and were shocked at how good i was, it made me beam a bit. But the auditions were before this brilliant experience and i didn’t want to be a main character as i wasn’t ready for it.

So i signed up but up until the first day of rehearsals I was still hesitant that I would be any good or want to do it. I am an actor, I have an okay voice but I’ve never had any dance training at all, so it was going to be funny, seeing how unfit i was…

So first day came around, we did a sing/ read through and there wasn’t much for me but i was okay with having a smaller part, then the first week went by and we learned two dance one of the biggest ones being the opening which as a starter was really complex for someone like me. But as week two arrived we continued to work on the dances and learn new one and the movements kinda become very natural and learning becomes easier.

As the few weeks passed I improved my voice and dance skills and began to gain great friends with the cast. We had a cast night out of bowling and laser tag and I loved it all, it was a fantastic group of people.

As show week loomed over me, i was nervous but so excited doing the dress runs and loving the full set and stage. The theatre was a small one and a great way to introduce myself to a professional stage without it terrifying me.

The show went amazingly, Saturday the last day was best in my opinion and personally because it was the final shows and i finally nailed all the dance, with no major mistakes. I was so proud of myself. And I was so proud of the full cast but very importantly, my boyfriend, who had a solo and was fantastic every night but absolutely glorious on Saturday night. And I give him extra praise as he was the one to push me to do one of the best and scariest things I’ve done as an actor.

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