About Me 


Erin is a theatre maker working in roles such as producer, actor, and director. She has experience in theatre, film, and working behind the scenes. She has skills ranging from Improvisational work to comedy and drama genres and love's to express herself through art, as she has been performing since she was 7.

She is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Etcertra Theatre Company Scotland. With plans to reconfigure the company it has been quiet during the pandemic to allow for the team to build themselves as artists and to help reduce stress during a difficult year. But the whole team are looking forward to bringing some new project forward and researching old ones. 

Erin co-directed her first show in 2019 in university, she then co-directed 'Cancelled' written by Lisa Brown and then directed her first solo piece with 'Communication Fabrication' written by Daniel James Robertson in 2019. She hopes to bring this into a digital format.

At the end of 2019, she created, produced, and directed 'Hidden links' by ETC Scotland.

Erin has produced all of ETC shows so far and wishes to continue into the future. she has been playing the part of Producer in theatre shows since she was very young. After her Diploma with Chris Grady Org, she is looking to use these skills in the reopening of the theatre world. Her first role as Regional/ Scottish Producer of Bard in the Yard in 2021 has been a huge success with multiple Scottish venues and a sold out Fringe run. She has also worked on Miss Lindsays Secret as the Producer.