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To keep in contact with other creatives Erin was given the idea to have friends pick your clothing for the day. So to further this Erin created character profiles for each of the outfits for this challenge.

Character Creations

Day 1- Fun Business wear of a executive in a graphic design company.

Day 2- Biker Chick who works at a old record shop

Day 3- young girl, beach day and a reader.

Day 4- A Rollerblading girl, who wears crazy leggings when skating, she is into art and music.

Day 5- A nursery teacher who always finds pens in her hair, favourite subject Drama and loves to garden.

Day 6- Young Writer who plays guitar and sings in her free time.

Day 7- A poet and sculpture maker who runs every evening. Struggles with money and anxiety but is happiest when working in her studio.

Production Gallery

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