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Love vs ‘Love’

You can’t really understand what it is until you have it. That I now know to be true. All my life I would sit and read or watch love on screens. They are lies, not completely but a lot of screen romances are pish!

Again not all are but such a huge amount of film paint it as an easy or quick thing. And yes you can fall in love quickly! But falling in love is so different from a movie or story. And totally different for everyone.

There are fragments of moments that show how someone affects your life and how you see them in that light is how you know you love them. It’s not, “omg they bought me flowers”, BANG love. No, its ‘look they bought me my favorite flowers because they knew I was having a bad day and wanted to cheer me up’. More likely they bought me food because they know I need it.

When you trust someone enough to be so relaxed that you don’t care what you look like or what you say because you know everything is okay with this person. That, in my opinion, is love. being safe enough to let someone new or old into your life from your perspective and letting them know your darkest fears and your happiest moment more than likely being with them.

But what i feel movies miss out is that everyone falls in totally different way and at different rates. Everyone is different and so should everyone’s relationship and the type of love they feel and when they feel it.

Good Advice: Wait for your time. It comes eventually, when you are ready.

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