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Sad Days

We all get them, days where we just don’t feel great. Sometimes there are easily identifiable reasons, when these are identified you can normally process the day easier. But the days I find the worse are the ones where you can’t pinpoint, WHY?

I think, like a lot of people, I get hung up on the ‘why’. Why do you like me? why did I do that? why do I feel like this? I think it’s quite normal for us as humans to always need answers or reasons for things. That is why we get so emotional when unexplained things happen. And why we get angry when someone does something bad and they can’t explain why they did it.

We all want answers in days where a google will reveal anything we want. But human emotions and actions can only be explained by those who have them and that is why its even sometimes scary when you have a bad day and you, yourself can’t explain why you feel the way you feel.

I personally struggle with not having one answer. Because I can have a bad day and name over a dozen reasons why I feel like that but can’t perfectly grasp my ‘why’. It winds me up to think I don’t know myself well enough to confirm and sort out what is making me feel this way.

But I need to accept that some days are just going to be ‘sad days’ and I need not explain them to myself or anyone else and I just find good and healthy ways of coping with the day.

Good Advice: It’s always temporary. And it will pass eventually.

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